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Bathroom Renovation / Makeover

Your bathroom can become an efficient, elegant, and clutter-free paradise. It can add a relaxing and tranquil experience to your busy life. All bathrooms show signs of damage, wear and tear, and aging of materials and fixtures over time. The need to make repairs is often a good reason to completely renovate a bathroom. While the repairs are the main focus of the renovation, other featuressuch as the bathtub, shower, lighting, and fixturescan also be updated to fit modern decor.
Master Bathroom Retreat
This modern bathroom was the result of the owners' dream of making the space more efficient as well as beautiful.


We removed the old vanity, stripped off the old tiles, and got rid of the old tub as well as the built-in plastic shower.


We installed new tiles, fixed and painted the walls, and installed an accent wallpaper. We built a new shower area, and tiled it using a complex design. Please notice three custom shower shelves, which add plenty of storage space. We installed a shower head for that special rain-like feel.


We added a stand alone tub, toilet, vanity, faucets, and electrical fireplace. We installed and painted the baseboards, and finalized the look with new lighting and accessories. Nice job!

Project No 1

This beautiful black kitchen was created from scratch. We removed old cabinets, tile flooring, appliances. We installed new cabinets, light valance & crown moulding. We installed tile flooring with baseboards & backsplash with decorative insert. We repaired the walls & painted the room. Inside and over-the-cabinets lighting adds warmth and modern feel to the room.

Functional and Cozy

This powder room was created after we completly gutted out the old, outdated one.


We installed a new floor and tiles. We hooked up a new vanity and toilet. We fixed and painted the walls, and installed new, modern lighting and baseboards.


We finalized the project by hanging a mirror, pictures, and accessories. Looks great!

Rejuvenating Experience
This bathroom needed a double vanity, new tub, toilet, and flooring.


We installed a gorgeous hanging double vanity, painted the room, and finished the room off with baseboards, new lighting, and accessories. 


Serves its owners very well indeed!

Other Bathrooms...

For more bathroom inspiration, please browse through the pictures to the left. They show other bathrooms renovated from scratch by A-Z Renovations

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