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Kitchen Renovation / Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so when renovating it, it’s important to consider not only your style, but your lifestyle as well. Make sure your new kitchen not only looks beautiful, but works great for the way you live. A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking. Nonetheless, it offers huge dividends: the satisfaction of tailoring your kitchen to your household’s specific needs, making it look just the way you want it, and, of course, boosting the resale value of your home.
Elegant Design

This beautiful black kitchen was created from scratch. We removed the old cabinets, tile flooring, and appliances.


We added new cabinets, backsplash, a light valance, and crown moulding. We installed tile flooring with baseboards. We repaired the walls and painted the room.


We cut into the wall on the right side of the room to fit the fridge properly (it was sticking out before, obscuring the space). Lighting inside and over the cabinets adds warmth and a modern feel to the room. Please notice the beautiful insert over the stove, which complements the decor. We finilized the lovely look of the room by adding some wainscotting.


Truly, it became a kitchen that the owners are very proud of.


Project No 1

This beautiful black kitchen was created from scratch. We removed old cabinets, tile flooring, appliances. We installed new cabinets, light valance & crown moulding. We installed tile flooring with baseboards & backsplash with decorative insert. We repaired the walls & painted the room. Inside and over-the-cabinets lighting adds warmth and modern feel to the room.

Open Concept Space
This small kitchen needed a makeover badly after dutifully serving its owners for 30 years.


After carefully designing the layout with the owners, we were ready to start the project. First, we removed a wall separating the kitchen from the small side entrance hall to add much-needed extra space and light. We also cut a large window over the island to create a transition from the kitchen to the living room. We removed the old cabinets and appliances, and got rid of outdated vinyl flooring.


We installed new cabinets with a pantry, connected the appliances, put down tile flooring (tiles were laid diagonally to add extra interest), and finalized the look with baseboards. We also fixed the walls and painted the room.


Please notice the built-in cooktop and in-cabinet oven we installed.

Revitalized Atmosphere
This kitchen was renovated after the owners decided to sell the house after many years of renting it out. The run-down house was then purchased by a house flipping business and prepared for sale. This is when we got involved.


We removed the old cabinets, old laminate flooring, and all appliances.


We installed new floor tiles and repaired the walls. Then we installed new cabinets. We painted the room a neutral colour and hooked up new appliances. Under-the-cabinet lighting finalized the sophisticated look.


The house sold well, and we gained very devoted clients!


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